All workshops will take place at NCAT's SIFT Farm, 3040 Continental Drive, Butte, unless otherwise noted.

June 19: Composting
Join us as we address the basics of composting using our onsite composting bays, as well as the use and effectiveness of compost tumblers for the small garden.

July 25: Cover Crops
Learn more about the historical mixes and uses of cover crops on the farm, results from the first eight species cover crop trial in 2017, winter preparation, and plans going forward into 2018.

August 14: Farm Tour and Production Methods

Come visit NCAT's SIFT demonstration farm to learn about sustainable methods for growing healthy food in Southwest Montana. We focus on low-input solutions and responsible use of resources for managing soil fertility and increasing biodiversity. This workshop is for anyone who is interested in beginning farming, gardening, or energy and resource conservation.

September 5: Selecting Vegetable Varieties for Butte
This workshop will identify vegetable varieties that are well adapted for the growing season in Butte, Montana. We will discuss methods and tools for growing a wide range of nutritious vegetables, as well as tips for selecting varieties. Come join us to taste season vegetables and share experiences of success and failure with gardening in southwest Montana.

September 19: SIFT Farm Expansion onto Asphalt

Learn about our plans to expand our production onto asphalt, preparation work and necessary planning, current progress, and an overview of our plans for the next two years.